Do EasySetup4cloud Templates need any Excel plugin (including ADFdi plugin)?

EasySetup4cloud Templates work independent of any plugin. Users don’t need to install the ADFdi plugin for EasySetup4cloud Templates.

Do EasySetup4cloud Templates support Single Sign-On (SSO)?

No, Currently it does not support Single Sign-On(SSO)

Do we need to enable macro before using the financial or SCM templates?

Yes we need to enable the macro in excel before using the EasySetup4cloud templates.

Can we delete any column in Easysetup4cloud templates for Finance and SCM?

No, We should not delete any columns in the EasySetup4cloud templates.

Can we rename the sheet names in the Easysetup4cloud templates?

No, We should not rename any sheet names in the EasySetup4cloud templates.

How to Unblock the Easysetup4cloud Excel template?

Unblock Files

Due to Windows security settings, files that you get from the internet might not work correctly, unless you unblock them, or store them in a Trusted Location.

Before you unzip the files, follow the steps below, to unblock the files

  • In Windows Explorer, right-click on the zipped file
  • In the pop up menu, click Properties
  • Add a check mark in the Unblock box, near the bottom of the Properties window.
  • Click OK, to close the Properties window.

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